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Whats People says

Air Compressors, Tools & Accessories - Tools Buddy - Ireland's No.1 Specialist Tool Provider

Air Compressors, Tools & Accessories

Tools Buddy Ireland offers great range of air tools, accessories, hoses and reels. Air power tools are more affordable to purchase and maintain then battery powered or electric tools. We provide air tools suitable for professional tradesmen as well as for DIY enthusiast. 

High quality pneumatic tools supplied by ASTA TOOLS are safe to use in all types of conditions, from extreme temperatures to wet environments.

Our selection of air tools includes air impact wrenches, air drills, air ratchets, nail guns, staple guns, air chisels, air saws, belt sanders, angle grinders, and many others.

Tools Buddy Ireland also offers high quality air compressors to be use for DIY and professional purposes. Used as a very efficient and reliable source of power, our compressors have a variety of applications.  Along with air compressors we provide a range of parts and air accessories including valves, air hoses, gauges, connectors, and many more.

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